Affiliated Programs Overview

One of the goals of the CTRW is to connect and collaborate with administrators in other programs, colleges, and schools throughout the university but also abroad at other institutions and those in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Our core programs foster educational, pedogeological, and administrative solutions to writing concerns and research initiatives. In this spirit of collaboration, the center has launched a CTRW affiliates program that connects with, and is looking to connect with, other programs at the university and other institutions who offer writing services to students and teachers, as well as many research opportunities.

The CTRW and its core programs support the missions of the following affiliate programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison:

Business Communication

Recruiters consistently rank strong communication skills as one of the most important factors in hiring. Managers rank communication competence highly in promotion decisions. The business communication professionals at WSB help prepare students for the demands of the workplace by developing their writing, listening, collaborative, and presentation skills. We are a close-knit group that meets frequently, makes most decisions via consensus, and shares teaching materials.

  • GenBus360: A required course in communication for all BBA students; fulfills UW’s General Education Communication B requirement.
  • GenBus320: A popular elective focused on cross-cultural communication.
  • Communication Coaching in the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA Program: MBA communications coaches offer strategic support in business writing and presentations. Coaches offer informational sessions on business writing and cover letters as well as provide presentation support and targeted feedback on major team projects.
  • Consulting with Colleagues on Best Practices for Writing Instruction: Instructors assist other teaching staff members with writing-focused assignments, rubrics, and supporting materials.

Engineering Communication

Instructors in the Technical Communication Program teach the major communication courses for undergraduate students in the College of Engineering.

  • The Engineering Communication course (InterEGR 397) meets the University’s General Education (Comm-B) requirement and several engineering departmental requirements.
  • A second course in Technical Presentations (EPD 275) is required by some undergraduate programs.
  • Beyond these requirements, engineering and other undergraduate students from all disciplines may choose to earn the Technical Communication Certificate, which functions like a minor and further enhances their professional communication skills.
  • The mission and learning objectives for the full Technical Communication program may be found here.

Language Institute

The Language Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a leader in language education and research, promoting excellence in language teaching, innovation in the design of effective and inclusive language programs, student success in reaching their professional and personal language learning goals, research in second language acquisition (SLA), and increased awareness of the value of linguistic diversity and of language and intercultural learning for all.

  • The Language Institute maintains Languages at UW-Madison, a website devoted to undergraduate language study. This site will help you navigate the close to 50 modern languages are offered during the academic year and over less commonly taught languages offered through intensive summer language institutes (more undergraduates here at the university major in a language other than English than any other university in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Education, 2018-19).
  • There is also programming and academic and career advising for bi/multilingual students on campus to support them in connecting their language abilities with their personal, academic, and career goals
  • The Doctoral Program in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) is an interdisciplinary program administered in the Language Institute that prepares students to research and teach in a rapidly growing field that investigates second language learning and acquisition, bi- and multilingualism, second and foreign language teaching, and the relationship among language, culture, identity and thought in diverse social contexts.
  • The Russian Flagship Program provides opportunities for highly motivated undergraduate students of any major to reach a professional level of competence (a Superior level of proficiency) by graduation.
  • For instructors, see also the website for an assortment of language educator events and programming.

Wisconsin Center for Education Research

Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s highly ranked public School of Education is one of the first and most productive education research centers in the world. It has assisted scholars and practitioners develop, submit, conduct and share grant-funded education research for more than 50 years.

WCER’s mission is to improve educational outcomes for diverse student populations, impact education practice positively and foster collaborations among academic disciplines and practitioners. In support of its mission, WCER is an incubator for advances in education policy and practice. It provides services and resources for UW–Madison researchers, graduate students and their collaborators, as well as educatorsfunders and communities locally and around the world. The center empowers its researchers to lead innovative projects and effective teams to advance education in the state, nation and world. WCER’s Grant Notification Service from the Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER) lists grant opportunities in education sciences.

Individual CTRW Affiliates

In addition to the Language Institute (L&S), Engineering Program in Professional and Technical Writing (Engineering), and Program in Business Communication (Business), below are individual affiliates of the CTRW:

· Melanie Hoftyzer, Director, Business Communication

· Laura Grossenbacher, Director, Engineering Program in Professional and Technical Writing

· Karen Evans-Romaine, Faculty member, Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic+

· Anja Wanner, Faculty member, English

· David Zimmerman, Faculty member and Director of Undergraduate Studies, English

· Heather Allen, Faculty member, French and Italian

· Sara McKinnon, Faculty Member and Director of Comm-B Programs, Communication Arts

· Rob Howard, Faculty member, Communication Arts

· Jenell Johnson, Faculty member, Communication Arts

· Lori Lopez, Faculty member, Communication Arts and Director of Asian American Studies

· Erica Halverson, Faculty member, Curriculum and Instruction

· Jim Wollack, Faculty member, Educational Psychology and Director of Evaluation and Testing Services

· Janet Batzli, Director of Biocore program

· Ellen Cecil-Lemkin, Teaching faculty, Writing Center

· Lisa Marvel Johnson, Teaching faculty, Writing Center

· Angela Zito, Teaching faculty, Writing Center

· Noreen McAuliffe, Lecturer, English