– CTRW Certificate in Writing

Within the first two years of its foundation and approval by the APCs, the CTRW intends to explore the creation of a certificate in writing.  The cross-college certificate will provide an array of courses in English and other disciplines in which students hone  their skills and abilities as writers, gain confidence through writing in various disciplines (and particularly in the discipline where they earn their major), and understand the complexity of writing as both an activity and a skill.

Completion of such a minor would provide students with a certification on their transcripts that would make them even more attractive to employers who seek college graduates whose written communication is sophisticated, adaptable to multiple contexts and situations, and who have experience writing, drafting, revising, and discussing their writing with people who come from a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. We see the exploration of such a certificate program as a joint effort between the CTRW and the units across the campus, from the health science campus on its western edge to the arts and humanities core at Lake Street and Library Mall, to pool together their intellectual resources and pedagogical experience for the benefit of the entire university community.