NSF Dear Colleague Letter Funding for AI Research

Dear Colleague Letter: Rapidly Accelerating Research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in K–12 Education in Formal and Informal Settings

National Science Foundation (NSF)

This Dear Colleague Letter invites researchers to submit Rapid Response Research (RAPID) proposals for time-sensitive research including, but not limited to: Developing AI tools and environments to advance age-appropriate equitable learning and inclusive teaching; Supporting learning about and interest in AI; Using AI to teach AI; and, Integrating generative AI in education in an ethical, responsible, and effective way. Proposed projects must include strong data-driven research methods in need of a quick response due to rapidly changing AI. NSF strongly encourages proposals that will sustain and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM education research. Likewise, NSF is seeking proposals that will have an impact on underserved and underrepresented schools and communities. Requests for RAPID proposals may be for up to $200K and up to 1 year in duration.

Deadline: Concept Outlines (one page) are accepted on a rolling basis, followed by invited full proposals.