CTRW “Big Questions” Event

This event has passed.

Helen C. White Hall 7191
@ 3:00 pm CST - 4:00 pm CST

The CTRW is forging its mission and vision for the future.  To do so, it seeks to identify key areas and ‘big questions’ to pursue, both as a research agenda, and as a way to identify itself as a center of excellence distinguished from other centers on campus and around the country. This event will serve as a way to give those involved and interested in the CTRW and in writing and writing studies on this campus an opportunity to help shape the future of the CTRW. We encourage you to come and to ‘think big’ about what the CTRW could and should be, how it can make use of the talent in the room and on campus, and to help determine the direction of the campus’s culture of writing.