CTRW Outreach Surveys

Calling all instructors and administrators: At the Center for Teaching and Research on Writing (CTRW), we support writing research and instruction across the curricula and disciplines, and as part of our outreach efforts this summer, the CTRW wants to hear from instructors and administrators at UW about your writing needs:

  • Instructor’s General Survey: Whether you’re a seasoned instructor or this is your first semester as a teaching assistant, whether you’re part-time or full-time, take our instructor’s survey to let us know how we can help with your teaching and/or research on writing:
  • Science Instructor’s Survey: We’ve also created a survey specifically for instructors in the sciences:
  • Director’s Survey: If you’re a program administrator, please see our director’s survey. Through this survey, we’re hoping to hear from program directors and leaders of core CTRW programs, affiliated programs, and other programs about the research opportunities, networking events, and event and course planning that would be most valuable to your research agendas:

We’re generally interested in what instructors and directors have to say about writing in their discipline, instructional writing needs and resources as an instructor, and/or any research on writing, and we’re open to specific suggestions and ideas.

Our hope with these surveys is to assist departments across campus in building a research community focused on writing, creating opportunities for networking, and matching faculty and graduate students with similar interests on writing, research and teaching. 

Your responses and ideas will be incredibly helpful in developing future CTRW programming and fostering a research community among scholars engaged with writing in different disciplines.

You can also sign up for more details on our upcoming CTRW social mixer to share survey results and help further cater to the teaching and research on writing community (and stay tuned for a full list of the upcoming lineup of events this fall 2023 and spring 2024).

Thank you in advance for your interest and help! Email info@ctrw.wisc.edu with any questions or concerns.